With New Zealand shootings unfolding, Owaisi seeks help for Hyderabad man to fly there

AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi has also reacted to the shootings in Christchurch mosques.

He tweeted that a video from #ChristChurch shows one Ahmed Jehangir who was shot.

Owaisi further added that victim’s brother Iqbal Jehangir is a resident of Hyderabad & would like to go to New Zealand for Ahmed’s family.

Owaisi went on to make a request to Telangana CM as also the Minister of External Affairs to make sure he is able to fly to New Zealand at the

He tweeted his request to @KTRTRS @TelanganaCMO @MEAIndia @SushmaSwaraj to make necessary arrangements for the Khursheed family.

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