Woman consumes poison before police personnel, then this happened

act was carried out in a police station in Jodhpur

In a curious case, a woman took the extreme step of consuming poison right before the police personnel in Jodhpur.

The act was carried out in a police station in Jodhpur.

It is said that the woman was unable to keep a marriage promise made by her parents when she was three years old.

The woman has been identified as Divya Choudahry (22).

Police said that she was engaged to one Jeevraj, when she was three years old.

According to Divya’s police complaint, for the last few years Jeevraj’s family had been pressurising Divya to honour the promise her parents had made.

After stalling their wishes for sometime, Divya clearly refused to marry Jeevraj.

It was then that the local panchayat slapped a cash penalty of Rs. 16 lakh on her family.

Despite paying the amount to the panchayat, Jeevraj’s family continued to mount pressure on Divya, read the complaint.

Before a panchayat meeting on Sunday, Divya reached the police station and consumed a poisonous substance in
front of the police officials and her family.

The alleged negligence of the police in the matter has been noted, officials said.

Notwithstanding societal pressures, Divya recently became a certified chartered accountant.

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