Woman gang raped in a moving car in Etah , U P

A case of gang rape has been reported in a car ran by a woman in Uttar Pradesh's Etah. The police has started scrutinizing the cases by filing a case in the regard. The incident is being told to happen on May 1.

A woman was allegedly gang-raped by four people in a moving car near Hazara Canal in Etah’s Pilua in Uttar Pradesh, reported ANI. All four accused are on the run. A case was registered with the police and an investigation has begun. The incident was reported on May 1 but the complaint was filed only 20 days later, say reports.

The victim was waiting for a bus when one of she accused, a distant relative offered to drop her home, said reports. In her statement, the girl said there were already four people sitting in the car. Instead of taking her home, the accused and others took turns to rape her. She said she was beaten up when tried to resist.

The case comes just a day after a gang-rape was reported in Noida, UP.

A woman filed a complaint against seven of her neighbours for raping her for five years when she was 12-years-old. The victim is now 18. After keeping it secret for years she finally revealed it to her husband. She accused that her rapists threatened to kill her brother if she talks about it. Noida police Superintendent said one of the accused has been arrested. Another incident was reported last month when a 7-year-old girl was allegedly raped nad murdered by a 19-year-old in a marriage.

03 Jun 2020, 10:20 AM (GMT)

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