Woman gives birth on busy Railway station, this happened

As a 21-year-old woman gave birth to a baby on the platform of a busy railway station in Mumbai, it was the police personnel present on the spot who arranged for the cover.

It was said that on the evening on December 24 that Geeta Deepak Wagare and her husband were at the Dadar station.

As they waited for a train to Pune, she went into labour.

CCTV visuals from the platform shows the woman lying on the floor of the platform, with her husband sitting next to her.

A couple of police personnel and travellers can be seen standing around them as the woman lies in pain.

The mother and the child are said to be fine and were taken to a hospital immediately after the delivery.

A 30-year-old woman delivered twins inside a train at Kalyan station near Mumbai in July.

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