Woman punished for ‘selling illicit liquor’, heres how

This was done as form of punishment to the woman

A woman apparently caught for selling illicit liquor in the Assam’s Karimganj area was punished in a horrifying way.

Local police have said that they have arrested close to dozen and half people for stripping the woman in question and also stuffing her private parts with chilli powder.


This was done as form of punishment to the woman.

The incident is said to have happened in a tribal village along the Assam-Mizoram border.

It came to be known as a video of the incident went viral on the social media.

In the video as well, it turns out that most of the attackers were women themselves.

The victim woman said that the mob entered her house after breaking open its door and began to strip her while
also beat her up.

Police after the incident came to light swiftly moved in to nab the 19 villagers so far.

BJP-ruled Assam has witnessed several instances of mobs doling out vigilante justice over the last few months.

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