Woman Scared away Armed Attackers by Ramming her Car, Watch Video

The incident took place in a South African city.

A woman from Alberton, a city in South Africa was hailed as a hero after a video of her single-handedly tackling a group of armed attackers went viral.

The 42-year-old woman, whose name is unknown, rammed her car into the gang that accosted her in her own driveway after driving up in their own vehicle.

According to a report, a police investigation revealed that the men had followed her and her daughter as they drove home from a mall.

“I was ready to open the boot to my car, when I saw the white car behind us,” she said. “I told my daughter, ‘don’t get out, just close your door’. When I saw the men approaching us, and I saw their guns, I told her, ‘here comes trouble’.”

She added that she pressed a panic button and tried to keep her 16-year-old daughter calm in the time it would take for help to arrive.

But then she decided to act. “Before I realised it, the car was in reverse. I thought if I could only ram them past the gate, we could close it behind us.”

The men immediately left the scene and were caught two days later by the police.

The incident took place in a South African city, Watch Video:

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