Women arrive at Pamba waiting to get to Sabarimala temple

On Sabarimala pilgrimage, even many women are now appearing determined to make it into the temple this time.

It need be mentioned that six women below 50 yrs of age have arrived at the Pamba base camp in a bid to enter the Sabarimala shrine in Kerala.

The women, who began their journey by road from Madurai, were escorted by police teams.

It is also said that five other women who accompanied them said they did so to show solidarity.

But protestors too are determined to maintain status quo despite the top court order.

The protesters say they will not allow these women to reach the hilltop temple.

The women have told the police that they will not return without darshan (offering prayers).

The Supreme Court in September allowed women of menstruating age to enter the Sabarimala temple.

Both the BJP and the Congress are also opposing the entry of women, citing a review petition has been filed.

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