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Women committee of Ekal Gram Sangathan conducted a Workshop

Indore 2019, : A workshop of the sub division, division and regional committee of Ekal Gram Sangathan was organized in Dastoor Garden, Gumasta Nagar Indore. During the program, the President and Union representative of Women’s Committee of Ekal Gram Sangathan, Smt. Sushma Chaudhary, along with Malwa division’s committee guardian Dr. B.D. Singhal, Secretary Raj Kumar Ramgriya, the President Geeta Mundra and Chairperson Mrs. Vinita Jaju of the Women Committee of Vanbandhu Council, Cental India development division’s chief Navneet Karma and the Head of the Division Mr. Dhani Ram Kavda were present. Apart from them, Division President, Saraswati Maheshwari and Mohini Gupta, and Hemlata Malpani from Ratlam and Division Secretary Shashi Kavra and Manju K Shahi from Bhopal division were marked their presence during the event.

In this context, Mrs. Sushma Chaudhary said, “The purpose of organizing this meeting is to stay in touch with each other and it is important to meet the Divisional and Zonal Committee at one place. Such type of meetings helps to exchange ideas. Growth of a village will result in growth of our country, we all are connected to each other with this thread. Such conventions give rise to new energies and willpower to work in everyone. Our goal is to form our methodology, responsibilities of different divisions and posts, increase work efficiency, mutual coordination, discussing the five dimensions, and taking guidance so that we can work as a more sophisticated organization in future. To increase the quality of our work, we have to organize similar workshops in all the zones.

Ekal Gram Sangathan

Division President, Saraswati Maheshwari highlighted the activities and programs of all the divisions. After that, Smt. Sushma Choudhary explained Honorable Shyam ji’s whatsapp message to the sisters present there. After that, Mrs Geeta Mundra was invited to tell the importance of the organization’s strength.

Under Ekal Abhiyaan, the members of Ekal Gram Sangthan work in different small villages and towns of the state and provide education to the uneducated children and their parents. They are taught the importance of education using five dimensions like knowledge, customs and awareness. To educate the children, the teachers are taken from the respective villages so that they do not face any language problems. A total of 30 students are included in a class under Ekal schools. With the help of Poshan Vatika, the parents are taught the awareness of customs and knowledge. At present, the number of children of Ekal schools has reached around 11 lakh and it is being spread to many states of the country.

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