Women face protests as they trek to Sabarimala temple, heres latest

Women below 50, who had resolved to make it to the Sabarimala temple in Kerala and were camping in Pamba base camp, have been evicted by the local police.

It is learnt that the police told them to abandon their attempt even as the report is still unconfirmed.

This as hundreds of protesters blocked the way of these women.

It need be mentioned that while six of these women planned to take the trip, the others were there to show solidarity.

They arrived at the base camp, Pamba, at 3:30 am today when it was still dark in the hilly area.

Protests have also intensified against the group of women at the base camp, 4 km from the temple.

The protesters say they will not allow these women to reach the hilltop temple. The women earlier told the police that they will not return without darshan (offering prayers).

Selvi, coordinator of Manithi, a Chennai-based women empowerment group that’s backing the united efforts of the women to reach the temple, said they would abort the attempt to walk 4 km to the shrine of Lord Ayyappa if the police cannot provide security.

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