Words ‘weakness’ as well ‘weapons’, says popular scriptwriter Baljeet Randhawa

Baljeet Randhawa, a popular scriptwriter who has pen number of Television shows which includes “Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi” and “Tu Aashiqui” says that words has been “weakness” as well as “weapons” for him.

While talking he reveals about his passion about writing from childhood to a journey about becoming a writer today. He adds, “I had been writing since my childhood days. Writing was a resort being the unexpressive one.

Though it started with poetry and proses – now its more of scriptwriting. John Green quoted, ‘Writing is something you do alone. It’s a profession for introverts who want to tell you a story but don’t want to make eye contact while doing it.’

A lot of my writer friends disagree with this, but for me, this is how it started. Being an unexpressive person, I had kept a lot within me; and believe me when I
say – being unexpressive is nothing less than being chocked; chocked of not getting the right words. Sounds funny, right?

A writer not having words! But yeah, words were and are my weakness as well as my weapon. Anyway, I started taking resort in writing. It started with writing my
feelings in a journal, and then I tried expressing through poems.

Sooner, writing became meditative for me. Even though it was tiring at times, it was a kind of tiredness that I loved. From personal scribbles to writing ads, copies, channel packaging, AVs, monologues, plays, screenplays, daily soaps, and finally a book, had been an amazing journey.

I used one of my weaknesses, and made it my strength. We are humans, our character traits can’t be just right or wrong, they can either our strength or our weakness, and maybe both and even sometimes none. And, that’s what makes us human; beautiful imperfect humans.

I remember when I finished my college and I was moving out of my hometown for the first time, I packed all my stuff in a box. In that box of memories, there was a slambook from my fourth standard.

There was a fixed question in those slambooks, “what do you want to become?” At the age of 11, I wrote in it – ‘I want to be a writer/director.’ It took years to be one.”

Now busy with shows like “Musakaan” and “Laal Ishq” feels the job of writers has no age bar.

“I freelance, but then its a full-time work for me. I think its one field which doesn’t have an age bar. But then you need to be patient enough to be in here.”

“Out of all, Web and theatre give you the most freedom. Then comes films, and then TV. Television writing is least about liberty, but because of the pressure digital content has put on content, Television is pushing the boundaries.

And with new TRAI regulations, things are going to be more competitive,” when asked about grounds providing liberty to pen the shows. Baljeet added in his statement.

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