World Bank report raises alarm on states in central India

decline could be as much as nine percent, going by the report


A World Bank report should leave the people and governments now all the more concerned.

This is because the two states have been identified as probable hotspots where substantial decline in living standards could be registered by year 2050.

The possibility has been expressed in a World Bank report titled “South Asia’s Hotspots: The Impact of Temperature and Precipitation Changes on Living Standards” and it figures Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtrae as in the similar category.

The decline could be as much as nine percent, going by the report.

The report defines hotspot as a location where changes in average temperature and precipitation will have a negative impact on living standards.

Thus the report actually cites rising temperatures and changing monsoon rainfall patterns for the disaster in making.

The report also estimates that it can cause cost of 2.8 per cent of GDP to India while also causing severe distress in the living standards of nearly half of the country’s population by year 2050.

This would largely be due to falling agricultural yields, lower labour productivity or related health impacts.

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