World’s most expensive sheep sells for Rs.3.5 crore

A sheep is being sold at an auction in Lanark, Scotland

A Texel lamb has become the world’s most expensive sheep after being sold for nearly £368,000 at an auction in Scotland.

The pedigree Texel lamb sold to a consortium of three farmers on Thursday in Lanark, near Glasgow, after an ‘intense’ and closely-watched auction.

The most expensive sheep in the world is considered to be genetically perfect,he has great legs, a well-shaped head and is muscular and lean. Texel is a rare breed originating from the Dutch island of the same name.

Jeff Aiken, one of the three farmers who joined forces to buy the sheep, said Double Diamond was ‘the best lamb I have ever seen’ and worth the whopping price tag.

A spokesperson for the Texel Sheep Society said, “An ‘embryo bred’ lamb is a lamb which is the result of embryo transfer (a form of IVF) in livestock in which the female animal is artificially inseminated and then embryos collected from her six days later and implanted in to surrogate mothers.”

“It is done to maximize the genetic progress within a flock by maximizing the number of progeny from the best animals,” they added.

The previous record price paid for a sheep was the £231,000 that was spent on an eight-month-old Texel tup in Lanark in August 2009.

Originating from the island of Texel in the Netherlands, the Texel sheep breed is popular among British farmers because of the high quality of its meat.


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