Worried for sanctity of holy ‘fire’, Parsis urge for change in Metro route

The Parsi community in Mumbai has urged for change of route in the metro project of the city as the current route passes from under their ‘fire’ temples and would amount to desecration of their shrine.

In an online petition that has so far been signed by over 7000 people of this community, the Parsis have expressed fear that nature would not forgive this desecration.

It is said that tunnels are proposed under two of their temples, which contains “holy fire”.

The Parsis claim that part of a tunnel will pass directly below the “Sanctum Sanctorum where the holy fire is enthroned” of the Wadia temple in the south of India’s commercial capital.

The Change petition, which has received upwards of 7,290 signatures since being posted on Wednesday, says the fires are “consecrated entities; living vibrant beings who are intermediaries between God and mankind”.


“To keep these holy entities safe from physical and spiritual pollution, they are segregated from the outside world by magnetic circuits which are drawn at the time of their enthronement,” it explains.

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