WORST: flying experience shared by Ex air hostess.

What not to do on flights

From lack of personal hygiene, to rude and arrogant passengers, to even the ones who keep calling the air hostess repeatedly for fun, the cabin crew tolerates it all.
Alot of us have been air travellers and many of us are frequent ones too. Managing some travellers, especially the more difficult ones, would be the least desirable thing ever, don’t you think? Yet, the cabin crew does exactly the same with a smile on their face, flight after long fl

But have you ever wondered what goes through a flight attendant’s head through this semi-ordeal?

A former flight attendant named Belinda in a recent interview to an international website outlined an advisory of what she wishes the passengers kept in mind and never did again on flights.

We understand that turbulence due to atmospheric disturbance while you are flying mid-air does not excatly sound the most desirable of scenarios to be caught in, but your flight attendant is not a clairvoyant either. Nor can he or she do anything about it. So stop complaining. You’re all in it together.

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