Worst may be over for northern Philippines, typhoon headed to China

Mangkhut's eye is now over water in the South China Sea

The worst may have passed for the northern Philippines as the typhoon Mangkhut struck but the damage may be difficult to assess for many days to come.

The typhoon is fast headed to China now.

It need be mentioned that fierce winds in Philippines prior to landfall of typhoon were replaced by flood waters, blocking access and aid to affected areas.

It is known that at least two people were killed as the world’s strongest typhoon this year.

But snaps coming in from here and there do show the glimpse of what destruction typhoon Mangkhut has caused.

The snaps show ripped roofs off buildings, uprooted trees, blocked roads with debris and dumped water on fields of crops that farmers weren’t able to harvest ahead of the storm.

The typhoon is closing in on Hong Kong which raised its typhoon warning alert again on Sunday morning local time.

Mangkhut’s eye is now over water in the South China Sea and making its way toward Hong Kong and southern China.

The Hong Kong Observatory urged the public to stay on the alert and said the typhoon will be closest around noon Sunday.

Typhoon Mangkhut will make another landfall on Sunday night in the Chinese province of Guandong near the cities of Yangjiang and Zhanjiang.

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