Wow Air: Fly From Delhi To New York,Latest Announcement

Wow Air said the frights from Delhi to these destinations will be routed via Keflavik airport in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Wow Air(Iceland-based airline) has announced flights from Delhi to select North American and European destinations from December 7, 2018.

In a statement on Tuesday, Wow Air which currently operates with a fleet of 19 aircraft said the frights from Delhi to these destinations will be routed via Keflavik airport in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The low-cost airline has announced introductory one-way fares from Rs. 13,499 on these flights. Called ‘Wow basic’, the fare includes all taxes but excludes meal and check-in baggage, which will be charged separately.

A search on the Wow Air bookings portal on Wednesday showed tickets for a flight from New Delhi to New York on December 7 were available from Rs. 24,999 (basic fare).

Know about the new Wow Air flights from Delhi to North American and European destinations:

1. Wow Air flight from Delhi to New York: Wow Air’s flight from New Delhi, India to New York, US will take about 18-20 hours. That will include about 10.5 hours from Delhi to Reykjavik and another 5.5 hours from there to New York.

2. All luggage barring a laptop-sized bag will be charged additionally, except for some premium-class seats, the airline said.

3. The airline will offer connecting flights to 15 North American cities, besides those to European destinations.

4. Wow Air offers four fare classes: Wow basic, Wow plus, Wow comfy and Wow premium.

5. ‘Wow premium’ fares at the other end will be priced from Rs. 46,599 onwards including taxes, Wow Air founder and chief executive officer Skuli Mogensen said.

6. “The airline will have five direct flights a week between New Delhi and Keflavik airport that will connect to multiple destinations in North America and Europe,” Mr Mogensen told reporters in New Delhi.

7. Of the total 365 seats in the aircraft, 42 would be premium.

8. Wow Air currently serves 39 destinations across Europe and North America.

9. Wow Air said flying via Reykjavik would be the shortest one-stop flight. Iceland falls on the regular route taken by carriers flying out of India to the US, it noted. “If you look at flights from India to North America, they actually go directly above Iceland…So Iceland is the perfect hub for India to North America traffic,” Mr Mogensen said.

10. Wow Air operates three Airbus A320, 13 Airbus A321 and three Airbus A330 aircraft, according to its website – Wow Air will operate India flights five days a week with an Airbus A330 Neo aircraft.

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