WWE Raw Women’s champion lands a stunner on Stone Cold Steve Austin

Becky Lynch, WWE Raw Women’s Champion, was seen dropping Stone Cold Steve Austin with his own finisher ‘stunner.’

A video has gone viral on social media, the legendary wrestler, Stone Cold Steve Austin, who has now retired, was seen re-enacting the entire scene one more time – only this time, he was on the receiving end of his own finisher.

There was always a fun segment involving Stone Cold Steve Austin in the WWE.

This is what Stone Cold would do: he would enter the ring, enjoy a moment or two with another wrestler, call for a few rounds of beer and then drop the wrestler with a “stunner” before leaving.

There was a time when Stone Cold Steve Austin could do anything inside a WWE ring. The six-time World Champion was inducted into the 2009 Class of WWE Hall of Fame, after an unforgettable career that saw him reach the pinnacle of success in WWE.

He won Intercontinental Championship twice, won the tag-team titles four times, became King of the Ring in 1996 and is still the only person in the industry to have won the Royal Rumble thrice. But despite all his plaudits, the persona that is Stone Cold became famous because of his character, that led to him being regarded as the “Texas Rattle Snake”.

“Does The Man want to drink a beer with the Stone Cold Steve Austin? I’m, feeling a little thirsty, yeah. Yeah, I’ll have a beer with Stone Cold,” Lynch responded.

Stone Cold passed on a beer to Women’s Champion and both took a swig each from the can. Immediately afterwards Lynch dropped Stone Cold with a “Stunner” and said – “That’s what happens when The Man comes around.”

Even though it was a promotional stunt, a pro-wrestling fan can applaud how picture-perfect that ‘stunner’ was from Lynch. Perhaps, The Man Becky Lynch should include this as a finisher in her arsenal?

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