Xiaomi Redmi 5A better in its class of phones; heres more on it

Xiaomi Redmi 5A better in its class of phones; heres more on it

Well known phone brand Xiaomi has seen steady growth in the smartphone business year after year. This year, in particular, has been great for the Chinese startup with it moving to the top slot in India with 23.5 per cent of smartphone shipments which ties it with long-time market leader Samsung, according to IDC.

Last week, Xiaomi detailed plans to launch a phone that’s going to be the biggest surprise in the Indian smartphone industry. In its announcement on Thursday, Xiaomi announced the Redmi 5A in India which it likes to call as ‘Desh ka Smartphone’. The budget phone has been ‘Made in India’, and the base variant of the Redmi 5A sells for Rs 4,999.

Though it’s not much different from the company’s past phones in the budget segment (remember the Redmi 4A?), this time the price makes a big difference. Xiaomi says it will start shipping the device from December 7 through Flipkart, Mi.com/in, and the company’s own stores and preferred partners. I have had the Redmi 5A for a while now and here is my first impressions.

Xiaomi Redmi 5A first impressions: Design and display

The Redmi 5A doesn’t feel like a budget device. It has a plastic body that looks like metal, similar to the Redmi 4A. I have got the Redmi 5A in Gold colour option. The phone feel solid with no creaks like we often witness in an entry-level device. That makes the Redmi 5A feel good in your hand.

The back of the phone is plain with the Mi logo in the center, a speaker grill, and the camera and flash on the top-left. The phone’s layout is standard to say the least. The power and volume buttons are on the right, a dedicated microSD card slot on the left, microUSB port at the bottom 3.5mm jack and IR blaster at the top. Interestingly, it also features an IR blaster which is a kind of surprising given its price.

Xiaomi Redmi 5A has a 13MP camera on the back and 5MP selfie camera on the front. You might be thinking the camera performance to be average on the Redmi 5A – after all, the phone only costs Rs 4999. In reality, the Redmi 5A’s 13MP camera is pretty good.

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