Yashwant Sinha slams government over economy, women’s safety issues

questioned the government’s claims of fast economy growth

Senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader and known critic of central government, Yashwant Sinha has questioned the incumbent government on issues of women safety and economic situation.
A former Union Finance Minister himself, he went onto dismiss the government’s claim of being the world’s fastest growing economy.

Taking potshots at the Prime Minister Modi, he said that foreign policy has become limited to Modi visiting different countries and ‘hugging foreign dignitaries’.

Yashwant Sinha termed the prevailing economic situation in the country as grim and noted that a fast growing economy does not accumulate the kind of non-performing assets in its banks as the country has done over the last four years.

He also questioned the government’s claims of fast economy growth in wake of farmers being in distress and youth are without jobs even as small businesses stand ‘destroyed’.

He also targeted the government over not doing anything about scamsters who fled from the country.

Lashing out at the government on the issue of women’s safety, Sinha said that the government is now being apologist rather than acting against those committing crimes.

Sinha claimed that internal democracy in the BJP was “completely destroyed” and even Members of Parliament do not get a chance to share their views.

He said that Prime Minister Modi did not have any time for members of the party.

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