Yet another woman comes forward with allegation against former President Bush

Yet another woman comes forward with allegation against former President Bush

Yet another woman came forward to allege that she had been touched inappropriately by former President George HW Bush. It need be recalled that three women have already come out in public with their allegations against former President George Bush senior.

The woman identified as Amanda Staples, on Friday, posted a photo on Instagram of her with the 93-year-old former leader taken in 2006 when she was running as a Republican for a seat in the Maine State Senate, reports an international media outlet.

“Bush grabbed my butt and joked saying ‘Oh, I’m not that President’,” Staples captioned her Instagram post.

Asked on Friday to respond to Staples’s allegation, which predates Bush’s use of a wheelchair, spokesman for the former President Jim McGrath, reiterated a statement from Wednesday night: “To anyone he has offended, President Bush most sincerely apologizes.”

After the second allegation on Wednesday, Bush’s office released the statement offering an apology.

“At age 93, President Bush has been confined to a wheelchair for roughly five years, so his arm falls on the lower waist of people with whom he takes pictures.

“To try to put people at ease, the president routinely tells the same joke – and on occasion, he has patted women’s rears in what he intended to be a good-natured manner. Some have seen it as innocent; others clearly view it as inappropriate. To anyone he has offended, President Bush apologises most sincerely,” it added.

The accusations came to light on Tuesday when actress Heather Lind accused Bush of touching her inappropriately in 2014.


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