Youngest sibling Kylie Jenner Is Expecting But Who’s Daddy??

It's yet another news that has paparazzi on toes.

It’s yet another news that has paparazzi on toes. The youngest sibling of the Kardashian-Jenner family is expecting a child, according to TMZ and she is overjoyed. Well, the Jenner family is about to grow, and it is the least expected person who will help in doing it. No one expected Kylie to be pregnant at this age. Kylie showed her love towards the kids since her relationship with Tyga. She used to spend time with his son when the two were dating. After the news broke everyone was left in shock and wanted to know who is the father of the unborn child and when will Kylie give birth.  The news did spread like wildfire and everyone on social media especially Twitter lost their minds. Kylie has been spotted in a very different attire since the news about her pregnancy broke out. Well, before that let us know more about her pregnancy and in particular about kid’s dad.


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