Youth slips down in Ghatarani falls of Chhattisgarh, referred to Raipur hospital

youth hails from Abhanpur's Sarkhi village

The famous tourist spot of Chhattisgarh became scene for heart rending accident.

Well known Ghatarani falls where massive crowd had gathered to enjoy the natural beauty especially after heavy downpour got filled with horror shrieks as a young man lost his balance and fell down the slippery rocks.

It is learnt that the youth was part of group who had gone to the site on Sunday.

But as destiny would have it, it is the selfie craze that struck the youngsters and it is in this attempt the youth lost his grip on rocks and began to fall.

He struck the rocks in between but finally landed in shallow waters.
The youth was rushed to the Rajim hospital but the doctors have referred him to the Raipur for better medical treatment.

It is not clear what kind of injury the youth has sustained.

The youth hails from Abhanpur’s Sarkhi village.

31 May 2020, 5:11 AM (GMT)

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