Youth throws garland ahead of groom on bride in UP wedding; gets beaten up

It could have been another usual wedding but for an unprecendented sequence of events that made it almost like a Bollywood movie scene.

The guests at a Bijnor wedding were in for a surprise as a man suddenly came out of nowhere and hurled the varmala (garland) at the bride sitting on the stage.

As per reports the garland was thrown just the right way as it landed around the neck of the bride.

As the groom who saw everything was putting two and two together, the bride then socked everyone and walked up to the youth only tout a varmala of her own around his neck.

Story so far appears pleasant and headed for happy ending but soon the relatives intervened and they beat up the guy who showed up from nowhere.

He was later handed over to the police.

The groom’s family called off the wedding and guests left the venue speechless.

Police sources meanwhile claimed that the man and girl studied together and were in a relationship but their families were opposed to it.

It also emerged that the woman is a Dalit while the youth belongs to an upper caste.

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