Zeenat Aman Celebrating her 67th Birthday Today, See Pics

On her birthday here are some throwback photos of the actress which will take you down the memory lane.

Zeenat Aman, ushered a new era for female actresses in the industry. At a point in time when most of the heroines preferred being traditional, she was a rebel who paved her own way.

The actress is mainly known for her work in the industry during the 1970’s and 80’s. Upon making her debut in Bollywood, she was credited for introducing a modern look to Hindi Cinema.

She has acted in a number of films over the years and has managed to stun us all with her amazing performance in all of her movies. Some of her movies include Hungama, Hulchul, Neena Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Yaadon Ki Baaraat.

The legendary actress turns a year older today, on her 67th birthday lets take a look at some throwback photos of the diva, which will for sure send you down a trip through memory lane.

Take a look below:

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Pukar November 18, 1983. The story goes, that, RD Burman, Rishi Kapoor, Rakesh Roshan, Gulshan Bawra and Randhir Kapoor would go party frequently in Khandala durning the rains. One night, when they were all partying, they were surprised to see Zeenat Aman come with director Ramesh Behl. Zeenat Aman was approaching the group, with drink in hand, but ended up falling down. Randhir Kapoor and Ramesh Behl began to help Zeenat up but Gulshan Bawra on seeing all this said: “Samandar Mein Nahake Aur Bhi Namkeen Ho Gayi Ho Laga Hai Pyar Ka Woh Rang Aur Bhi Rangeen Ho Gayi Ho”. RD Burman quickly ran and bought his Dictaphone and asked Gulshan Bawra to repeat the words again and thus creating the song. Ramesh Behl liked the lines so much that he requested it for his next film! The song was a big hit in Goa and was a shot on Keri Beach. @amitabhbachchan @rosemovies_ #pukar #35retroyears #rameshbehl #amitabhbachchan #randhirkapoor #zeenataman #tinamunim #tinaambani #rdburman #gulshanbawra #rosemovies #80sbollywood #hindifilms #bollywood #retrobollywood #indianfilms #indiancinema

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A day before her birthday she graced the Lux Golden Rose Awards 2018. She posed on stage adorably with Rekha who even kissed her on the cheek. The moment was really cute to capture. This photo below of the two sharing a light-hearted moment is simply adorable.

Regarded as a path breaker of Indian cinema, she opened a new door for all the other actresses and was an inspiration for so many other heroines. She created her own identity by playing the distinguish roles.

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